Mahenge Epilepsy and Community is a group committed to improving livelihoods in Mahenge, Tanzania inspired by the work of Dr. Louise Jilek-Aall, founder of the Mahenge Epilepsy Clinic. Focusing on one particular geographic area with a wide range of needs  allows us to identify specific needs for community welfare and development. Initiatives are diverse and include supporting micro-enterprises, education, reforestation, medical care, and clean water supply. A localized approach has enabled us to develop strong working relationships with various community leaders to ensure that aid is efficient and effective.

Clinic nurse attending to epilepsy patient in seizure

One need specific to Mahenge, identified by Dr. Louise Jilek-Aall more then 50 years ago, is the need to treat and rehabilitate the vast number of social outcasts affected by a severe form of epilepsy. It was this realization that lead to the formation of the Mahenge Epilepsy Clinic in 1960 and Patient Rehabilitation Project in 2006.